Report a Violation

To anonymously report an illegal sale of a tobacco product to a person under age 21, complete the information below Text the word “sales” to
1-888-99-SMOKE or call and leave a message.

Additionally, you can report a potential tobacco product violation directly to the FDA.
Report online or Call the FDA at 1-877-CTP-1373 (1-800-287-1373)

    Enter the name of the store where you believe tobacco was sold to a minor.

    Enter the address or location of the store? (Be as exact as you can.)

    When did you see the potential violation?

    What did you see? Why do you think an illegal sale was made? Did a store sell to your child or child you know?

    Did the clerk have on a name tag? What did the clerk look like? Male or Female? What were they wearing? Did they have facial hair?


    You can also report a violation to the FDA here..