Health Effects and Disparities of Tobacco Use

Tobacco-Related Disparities in Communities of Color

The tobacco industry has been targeting Black communities through intentional and predatory marketing strategies for more than 60 years. These marketing campaigns primarily push menthol cigarettes and other tobacco products like flavored cigars and have had a devastating impact on the health of Black Americans.

For more information on how to take a stand against this injustice, visit these resources:

Latino communities are also amongst the hardest hit by the health effects of tobacco use. The SEPA TCP partners with the Latino Connection to bring two bilingual educational campaigns to Latino communities across the SEPA region:

  • Do it for THEM
  • My Best Friend / Mi Mejor Amigo Campaign

Tobacco-Related Disparities in LGBTQIA Communities

The tobacco industry also targets LGBTQ communities through advertisements in LGBTQ media outlets, cigarette giveaways in LGBTQ spaces and free tobacco industry merchandise. As a result, LGBTQ individuals use tobacco products at higher rates than their heterosexual peers.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project partners with the LGBT Center of Central PAWilliam Way, and Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center to reduce tobacco-related burdens among the LGBTQIA community; a disparately impacted population.

SEPA TCP currently offers:

  • Prevention and Quitting Resources: dducation about industry tactics and targeting, health disparities, AIDS and HIV treatment and tobacco implications, and e-cig/vaping education, and more!
  • Discussions about tobacco-free living and tobacco industry targeting at Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meetings
  • Assistance planning a smoke-free event or Pride festival
  • Tobacco Dependence Treatment (quit smoking) coaching and nicotine replacement in various clinical and community settings
  • Speakers, presenters, or trainings for health care professionals, counselors, staff, or community members. Topics and content can be customized to meet your audience or knowledge needs
  • Partnership with Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center on the PA LGBTQIA Virtual Health Summit. (Click HERE for more information.) LINK: 2023 PA LGBTQIA Health Summit – Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center (

For information or to request a speaker, tailored education or prevention programs, please contact us.