Young Lungs at Play

  • Young Lungs at Play - free signs for sites with tobacco-free policies!
  • Young Lungs at Play

Young Lungs at Play (YLAP) is a statewide initiative aimed at reducing youth and community members exposure to second-hand smoke, tobacco-related litter, and provide clean and healthy areas to play and exercise. Cities, towns, municipalities that wish to become "YLAP Communities" by implementing a smoke/tobacco-free policy. 

Services provided to interested communitities include:

  • Assistance in developing a policy, ordinance, or resolution for smoke/tobacco-free parks
  • Speaking at municipality and community meetings about the benefits of smoke-free parks 
  • Media promotion of newly adopted policy
  • Free heavy duty metal signs to be displayed at parks 

Download the YLAP Toolkit for resources.
(Toolkit is an Enhanced PDF and must be downloaded to computer and opened - preview in web browser will not display correctly.)

Interested in joining YLAP? Contact us.

For more information, please visit the PA Department of Health YLAP Page.