Smoke-Free Worksites

Workplaces (with a few exceptions) are required to be smoke-free under the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA). Smoke-free workplaces and worksites are easier to maintain and have many benefits for both employer and employee including reduced smoking rates, reduced health care and insurance coverage costs, and increased productivity. As part of our tobacco control project, we offer:

  • Assisting in creating a smoke-free policy 
  • Policy planning, implementation, and enforcement 
  • Free on-site (or virtual) tobacco dependence treatment services 
  • Referrals to quit smoking resources
  • Corporate and workplace wellness programs with smoking cessation

Resources For Smoke-Free Worksites

Tobacco Free College Campuses 


If you would like assistance making your business or worksite smoke-free, please contact us.

People smoking onsite? Need to report a Clean Indoor Air Act violation? Click here.