Smoking Treatment Accreditation & Recognition

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
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Smoking Treatment Accreditation & Recognition STAR is a tobacco dependence treatment accreditation program funded by the PA Department of Health and managed by Health Promotion Council’s tobacco department. We pride ourselves on representing the public’s health interest through systematic appraisal. STAR mission is to recognize and promote organizations integrating comprehensive tobacco treatment. And guide organizations access to exceptional criteria. Our vision is to standardize best practices across PA healthcare systems. 



  • Reduce readmission
  • Improve survival
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Promoted on HPC site
  • Press Conference
  • Promotional Banner
  • Increase 3rd party referral
  • Lower cost of care
  • Shorten admission times

Level of Accreditation

Organizations may also choose to pursue an added level of distinction by seeking COMPREHENSIVE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE status. For the Comprehensive distinction, organizations must answer all application questions. Organizations that have achieved baseline accreditation may choose to upgrade to the Comprehensive distinction at any time.



What is the STAR evaluation process?
Contact STAR coordinator to verify eligibility. Complete the survey and gather support documentation with technical assistance. Undergo board evaluation with onsite visit. Upon approval prepare for a press release recognizing accomplishment.  

Why is STAR important?
STAR’s criteria are developed by multiple healthcare institutions focused on outcomes. This collaborative standard address gaps in health care systems where opportunities are missed, for changing tobacco habits. 

What happen if the organization does not meet requirements?
If an organization is unable to adjust to meet criteria before evaluation phase is over. Technical assistance will work with the organization to set goals leading to reevaluation.

How long does the accreditation take?
Assuming your organization meets all criteria and submit the application in a week. An onsite visit will be scheduled within a week. Advisory board has two weeks to determine approval. Thirty days after approval will be the press event.

Who should complete the accreditation forms?
The forms can be completed by any member of the applying organization. It’s recommended to consult with providers, administrators, and management during the drafting phase of survey.