Quitting Tobacco, Nicotine, Smoking, and Vaping - Support and Treatment

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Need help quitting tobacco or vaping for good?  Having the right support can be just what you need to be successful.  Check out the tobacco dependence treatment options available below to find the right one for you.

Local Programs

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Health Promotion Council (an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation), Philadelphia, PA | Phone 610-731-6150

Berks County

Bucks County

Chester County

Delaware County

Lancaster County

Montgomery County

Schuylkill County

Need help finding a local program?
Contact Health Promotion Council’s SEPA Tobacco Control Project
(215) 731-6154      Contact Us

PA Free Quit Line 

1-800-Quit-Now (784-8669)                                  1-855-Dejelo-Ya (335-3569)                       

The PA Quitline and PA QuitLogix programs are free, proven services to help Pennsylvanians quit smoking. The calls include:

  • Quit coaching from experts in successful quitting (over the phone 1-800-QuitNow, through text message, online education or web-cam counseling)
  • Making a quit plan
  • Support and advice
  • Free Nicotine (patches) replacement (free, while supplies last)
  • Pregnant smokers can get extra services and incentives to quit
  • Help improve our programs and help other smokers quit

The deaf and hard of hearing may contact the PA Free Quitline by using the TTY line1-888-229-2182 or by using their personal service provider to place a video relay call using the regular Quitline number 1-800-774-8669.

Additional Resources 

Asian Smokers' Quitline is a free nationwide Asian-language service that offers self-help materials, referral to local programs, and one-on-one telephone counseling.

  • Chinese: 1-800-838-8917
  • Korean: 1-800-556-5564
  • Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440

SmokefreeTXT is a free (SMS) text message based tobacco cessation program.  The program last 6-8 weeks, during which you will receive 3-5 messages per day with tips, advice, and encouragement to help you overcome challenge and stay motivated. 


Make a Quit Plan

Quitting smoking is not always easy. We know that. You can set yourself up for success by creating a quit plan.

Keys to a Good Quit Plan

Key 1: Set a quit date!  

Don't worry. You don't have to quit tomorrow! But pick a real date, about 2-4 weeks. Write it down or put it in your calendar. Now is a good time to start cutting down. It will be good to have beat even a few urges before you try to quit for good.

Key 2: Get help (medicine, patches, quit coaching).

People who use medications, nicotine replacement, counseling or coaching are more likely to quit successfully. These help even more when used in combination! To access these services, please contact us. Are you interested in medication that helps you quit? You start these before you quit smoking. Would you be interested in nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, or inhaler? We can help you access and use these proven quit methods. *Many times you can get these with a prescription at low cost (coverage depends on your insurance, call your insurer or speak with your doctor. Contact us to learn more

Key 3: Clean tobacco and smoking out your home, car, work, and social environment. 

Leaving ashtrays, lighters or other smoking-related items can remind you of smoking and may make it easier to go back to your old ways. Cleaning your surroundings and washing your clothes clean from smoke will help you move forward.

Key 4: Plan your quit day.

Planning for urges or cravings to smoke is easy. Have your nicotine replacement ready (if you are using it). Pack a bag with 2-3 small snacks to keep your mouth busy (e.g. gum, nuts, raisins, whatever you want, but make sure you buy it, and buy it before your quit day so you're all ready to go the day of! Also pick 1-2 activities that you can do to help you through momentary urges to smoke. You can be creative here, take care of old chores, get active, work on or start a new hobbie, plan to call a friend or family.  Make sure these are things are actually willing to try. 

Lastly, let yourself know that even if you slip, that it's OK. Don't be ashamed. Just let it go, move on, and try something different the next time you have an urge. Finding what works may take a few tries. 

You Can Do It!  Help is Available!  Check out the resources above for support. 

Have questions about quitting? 

"How safe is Chantix?"

"Can I smoke and use the Patch or the Gum at the same time?"

"Are e-cigarettes and vaping safer than cigarettes? Can they help me quit smoking?"

Contact us. We can help!