Our Programs and Services

Key Service Areas:

Helping People Quit Smoking

Capacity Building and Organizational Interventions

  • Education and training sessions for patients, and health care and social service workers
  • Tobacco dependence treatment (smoking cessation) training
  • Medication counseling/training
  • Clinical work flow analysis
  • Tobacco treatment referral and tracking protocol integration
  • Treatment, follow-up, and outcomes research and evaluation
  • Community-Clinical Partnerships
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Law Enforcement

  • Enforcement of tobacco age and ID laws
  • Merchant education
  • Citations, fines, retailer license fees
  • Second-hand smoke exposure reduction, tobacco and smoke-free policy
  • Mult-unit housing
  • Worksites

Civic and Community-Level Engagement

  • SEPA Wellness Coalition
  • Youth empowerment (Advocacy Institute - Facebook - AI on Twitter, and Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU) in PA)
  • Healthy Corner Store Initiative, Heart Smarts (in-store health screenings and healthy food access)
  • Operation Storefront
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey
  • Young Lungs at Play
  • Worksite smoke-free policy and coaching
  • Health disparities programming (e.g. LGBT, incarcerated, high-risk for cancer)
  • Health communications and media
  • Regional partnerships, collaborations and leveraging of resources to maximize impact.