Multi-Unit Smoke-Free Housing

Benefits of Smoke-Free Housing
There is no safe-level of secondhand smoke exposure. Secondhand smoke contributes to over 40,000 deaths among nonsmokers. Smoke-free housing can save lives, improve quality of life, encourage quitting, and save money.

Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing Enforcement Guide

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Interested in making your building smoke-free?

Contact our Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Team.

We offer:

  • Smoke-free policy development
  • Planning and implementation
  • Communication with staff and residents
  • On-site tobacco cessation resources and referrals

Why go smoke-free?

  • Secondhand smoke (SHS) which has been proven to drift between units, from one unit to another, is extremely dangerous; (Air quality studies in apartment buildings show that anywhere from 5% to 60% of air in apartment units comes from other units in the building);
  • SHS is a health hazard for staff as well as renters;
  • Cigarette smoking violates renters’ desire to live in smoke free environments;
  • Fire caused by smoking is the leading cause of deaths in residential units, accounting for 7% of all fires in those units; and   
  • Smoking causes enormous expense to property managers and owners: studies indicate that in a smoking building every ten Public Housing unit turnovers will conservatively cost $12,500 in additional maintenance costs (general cleaning and painting; replacement of floor covering and appliances, insurance, etc.).

Learn about the economic and marketing advantages of smoke-free buildings.

HUD Final Rule

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued a final rule and is requiring all publicly-funded housing become smoke-free. We can help you understand and meet the requirements.

Learn about "reasonable accomodations" here.

For sites that implement smoke-free policies, we offer high-qualty, heavy-duty metals signs, at no cost:


For more information about second and third-hand smoke and health, visit the CDC.

CDC - Second-Hand Smoke Infographics: